The blob was originally a floating fuel tank that military ships would tow and use as a fuel reserve. The first blobbers were actually sailors who jumped on the empty fuel tanks from the decks of their ships. The first recorded use of a blob for what is today known as blobbing was at a summer camp near Austin, Texas where the sons of the camp founders, used a blob in the camp’s canoe bay.

Nowadays blobs are sold all over the world and are available in most tourist areas that have access to a lake or the coast. Blobbing is becoming so popular that in 2011 an international championship was created, the “Blobbing Battle”, the first of which took place in Austria. Teams consist of 2 jumpers and 1 blobber. These teams then compete against each other on a knock-out basis. The evaluation is conducted by judges who use a height gauge to determine the height reached by the blobbers.

The current Guinness World Record of the highest blob jump recorded is 22 meters (72 feet 2.14 in) and was set on June 7th, 2012 by a German blob team.

There are many locations throughout the world where friends can go blobbing on their holiday; Spain is one of those places. In 2013 Ibiza was the chosen as the location for Axe’s Space Jump, a blobbing competition that was part of an advertising campaign.

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