When you go on your yacht charter vacation in the British Virgin Islands, one of the most important things you’ll want to plan before your trip is the dining options.  You can opt for a simple meal onboard, cooked by someone from your crew, a couple of nights, but it is also worth trying some excellent meals on the land. The BVI do have some great eating places that are worth checking out!

Restaurants’ range in the British Virgin Islands amazes by its amplitude where everybody will definitely find something according to the personal tastes. Noticeably, there are two main options for dining. First of all, you’ll find plenty of fancy high-class restaurants serving exquisite dishes that are quite expensive. At the same time, if you go a bit further, you’ll face some local places where to eat for 10 euros. Below you’ll find a list of the top restaurants that are a must visit while enjoying your BVI yacht charter. Enjoy your meal!

Virgin Gorda

  • Saba Rock

You can get there by water taxi directly from Virgin Gorda. It’ll be truly unforgettable experience!

Saba Rock consists of resort, restaurant, marina and gift shop. The resort is quite small, however, its perfect location nearby Necker island and Virgin Gorda transforms it into a desirable destination for sailing vacations over Caribbean. The restaurant especially stands out by seafood meals and different kinds of meat whereas classical fish and chips are also amazing. You’ll enjoy wonderful Caribbean nature while dining because it’s open-air.


St. Maarten

  • Chesterfield’s

This is also an open-air restaurant which is located in a perfect place to stop and have a nice meal in the relaxing environment. Moreover, local sights are simply amazing providing panoramic views of different angles to the Great Bay of Philipsburg. There you can enjoy good breakfast, lunch or dinner at a fair price. aBoatTime especially recommends you try their steak and seafood.

  • Temptation

Temptation…This name tells everything, whereas there you can try so called new Caribbean cuisine. aBoatTime suggests you to go there in the evening to listen to some piano music and enjoy the meal in the Atlantis World Casino surroundings. Definitely try its tempura apple pie. The taste is really amazing! After dinner, try a couple of cocktails in the local stylish bar straight outside. Temptation’s bar menu is able to seduce even a non-drinker.

Picture source: St Maarten blog

Picture source: St Maarten blog

Peter Island

  • Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill

This spot is very popular among the visitors of the Peter Island Resort. It attracts them due to the location and authenticity. The place is encountered right on the beach in nice surroundings where you’ll contemplate charming Caribbean nature in all its beauty. Eating surrounded by palm trees whereas trying out some tasty dishes…Sounds like a gourmet dream, doesn’t it? In general, this restaurant is more casual where continental cuisine is combined with some Caribbean dishes. Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill is also famous for its pizzas, ribs and sandwiches. As an additional plus, if you stay there till late, you’ll notice the difference when this place transforms into cool night spot where you can dance and listen to some music. Show program varies according to the day of week.


Scrub Island

  • Caravela

If you are sailing nearby Scrub island, we highly recommend you to check Scrub Island Resort, which is located on a private island and attracts the visitors with its pristine beauty. Caravela restaurant is a pearl of the region. This high-class restaurant provides a diversified range of gourmet dishes and its bar is famous for delicious tropical cocktails. Caravela follows the latest delicatessen trends that will permit you to enjoy local seafood with some herbs and Caribbean vegetables.

Jost Van Dyke

  • Foxy’s Taboo

This restaurant is situated within the Diamond Cay on Jost Van Dyke island. Even though the spot is relatively small, the food amazes with its freshness and authenticity. Foxy´s Taboo has some loyal customers among those who rent a yachtin the Caribbean, who return there again and again. This sight is a must to visit, just go there and you will definitely want to come back!


  • The Mariner Inn Restaurant

One of the main advantages of the place is its size. It can accommodate up to 280 people. That’s why it can an option if you’re considering a huge celebration in the Caribbean. Choosing The Mariner Inn restaurant for your banquet or wedding, you’ll get to know some exotic local dishes or classical international food combined with really good wines. Its wonderful harbour or swimming pool views creates a peaceful feeling and harmony. Among its additional amenities are SPA centre, traditional Italian restaurant, cosy coffee shop and conference centre.

Mariner Inn pays special attention to the high-quality of service.


Photo made by Denise