A decision has recently been made in Palma de Mallorca to ban the tourist rental of flats in all neighborhoods of the city this summer, in addition to fine those who promote this activity with a penalty of more than 40,000 euros. But this is not inconvenient when it comes to visiting Mallorca, because in case you didn’t know, renting a boat in Mallorca is a similar option, but with more advantages, we tell you below:

Advantages of renting a boat in Mallorca

Renting and staying on a boat in Mallorca can be a perfect alternative to an apartment. And it is that aboard your rented boat where you can enjoy all that Mallorca offers plus more because you’re on a boat. We assure you that you will feel at home.

Our boat models can accommodate up to 12 people in total comfort. Rooms and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom are all included where you will have all the privacy you need in your own accommodation and common areas in which to enjoy with your loved ones.

You can know get to know new and exciting places every day without leaving your boat, which if you rented an apartment would be impossible.

You will enjoy the sun and the sea in a unique way too. Also, thanks to your boat, you will be able to sail to and visit more secluded beaches and different ports from your dinghy if your boat comes with one.

porto colom

Experience sailing with total freedom and discover places that are only accessible from the sea.

Witness picturesque landscapes, pretty sights and beautiful sunsets that you could never imagine.

And if you are passionate about sailing, or if you just want to enjoy a different experience by visiting the impressive island of Mallorca, choosing to rent a boat may be the most interesting option for you to explore the island since this summer.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Mallorca?

With aBoatTime, you can choose the model of boat you want and the port where you want to start your trip. Take for example that we are looking for a boat for 8 people for a week. The price of accommodation in a house in a place like Portocolom, a famous nautical port in Mallorca can reach almost €2,400!

However, aboard one of aBoatTime’s boats such as the Dufour 34, a fantastic sailboat that will cater to all your needs, and available in the same port, we find that the price per person per night is less than 40 euros, a total of € 2,200 a week. This makes your holiday seem even more worth it, you will have even more fun knowing you spent less!

dufour 34

In short, we can tell you that if you are looking for an alternative to an apartment in Mallorca, renting a boat is the best option.

What do you expect when booking a boat for your next holiday? Find out now with aBoatTime and get to know this Spanish island in the best way possible, from its coasts.