Baiona is a Galician municipality located in the province of Pontevedra on the Atlantic coast. Its location makes Baiona, a perfect place to enjoy a sailing experience and be able to visit Spain and Portugal. The whole area is very charming and has amazing landscapes: small fisher towns, and green fields and forests close to sandy beaches and rock coves.

Port of Baiona, Galicia

Port of Baiona, Galicia

If you decide to rent a boat in Galicia, Baiona is definitely the perfect harbor but we also suggest the main port of Vigo. This Spanish city has a long maritime tradition and every port offers all kinds of facilities for yacht charter tourists and sailing enthusiasts. The weather in this region is not too hot in summer and the average temperature in winter takes 9º, making possible to sail during the entire year, thanks to strong winds. Galicia offers wonderful coves with rocks and vegetation, huge cliffs, wide white sand beaches and always a green landscapes that merges with the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailing in Galicia is definitely a good idea!

The natural park of the Cíes Islands is one of the most beautiful places in Spain and the beaches and coves in Vigo are never crowded and suitable for mooring your boat and spend the day swimming and sunbathing, snorkeling, hiking, visiting charming villages, shopping in town or tasting tapas and seafood. The nightlife in Pontevedra and A Coruña will spoil you for choice with restaurants, bars and nightclubs until you return to your sailing boat or yacht. Each day and plan will be a great experience to share with the people you want during your vacation together.

Beach close to Baiona

Beach close to Baiona

What can I do and visit in Baiona?

  1. Visit the Castle of Monterreal: surrounded by gardens it is currently iconic landmark of the village and hotel.
  2. Museum of the Caravela Pinta: the museum is actually a copy of one of the boats used during the discovery of America. Baiona was the first town in Spain that received the news of the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492. Entrance ticket costs 2 €.
  3. The Portuguese Way of the Sea: this way was a route of pilgrimage in the Middle Age. Nowadays it is still important for pilgrims to reach Santiago de Compostela. If you like hiking, this is your path. You can also visit the coast and the historical centre of Baiona, walking along this road.

    Canion city of Baiona, Galicia

  4. Main port of Baiona: is meeting place for sailing enthusiasts, locals and of course yacht charter tourists. It is common to be able to enjoy nautical events and regattas. At the port you can also arrange if you want to try scuba diving or water sports.
  5. The beaches in Baiona: small, quiet, and protected from strong currents, the beaches are very natural, surrounded by wild landscapes and with clear water. You will love them!
    • Choose the one you like:
    • Barbeira 220 m
    • A Concheira 140 m
    • I Frades 80 m
    • Ladeira 3,000 m
    • A Ribeira 170 m
    • Santa Marta 250 m
  6. Natural parks and areas: Baiona is a unique place in Galicia and nature can be really enjoyed with you like hiking or a picnic. Here is a list of the best places in the area:
    • Mount of A Groba
    • Path of river Fraga, valled “Molinos de Baredo”
    • Path of river Baina
    • Long lane of “Molinos de Baíña”
    • Station of “Outeiro dos Lameiros”
    • Estuary of the river Miño
    • Of course you can sail to the Cíes Islands
  7. Historic houses: you can enjoy in Baiona a cultural tour, visiting some of the houses and buildings from the 18 to the 20 century. The following buildings have been recommended:
    • House of Cadaval
    • House of Ceta
    • House of Correa
    • House of Mendoza
    • House of Salgado
    • Hospital of Sancti Spiritus
    • “Pazo de Sabarís”
  8. Tapas route in Galicia
    The Galician cuisine is exquisite and popular because of its tapas and seafood dishes. You will love it so why don’t you just try some specialties like the Galician octopus, barnacles or mussels made in clay pots? Have a “tapas time” with your friends and family and have a glass of white wine from the region of the Rías Baixas.

You can enjoy this new experience and rent a boat in Baiona, Galicia.

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