Since it was introduced, the Bavaria Sport 34 model has been very successful in Europe. Designed by the BMW Group Designworks USA, it denotes a before and after in the German shipyard.

With a unique style, this boat offers multiple engine options designed for the most demanding public.  Conversely, the external design is intended to ensure that guests have the maximum comfort and safety.

A very complete deck


The 34 Sport represents the continuous developments made on its predecessors by offering a very complete deck despite its length.

The aft area embraces a comfortable sundeck which extends thanks to the retractable support. The dining room is located around a large table in semicircular shape with two legs, slightly inclined to the left, it faces the service cabinet. There is an option to install an electric grill and fridge.

The stern platform, with a ladder and shower, offers a direct entry to the bath. This convenient access provides a familiar touch to the cruising experience. In addition, the side steps of the deck have footsteps and handholds on the sides.

In port, next to the post pattern, there is a passenger seat and a couch lodged in the cabin roof. This enables to take advantage of the bathroom area, by respecting the aisle width of the bath which extends from the stern to the entry of the cab.

In prow, there is the option of installing a second solarium with an easy maneuvering to anchor and moor, with a full anchor box and a standard electric windlass. The high steel railings and the open balcony promote safety and the access to the bow, in the case of anchoring on that side.

Exclusive Interiors

The interior is designed from a rational viewpoint and with a larger volume than the one thought, characteristic in boats with more lengths, to which natural ventilation is attributed. The wood, with light tones prevails in the interior and complements with the tapestries and the counter-mold parts of fiber.

The kitchen and living room share the main space in the central area. In general, one can say that the whole corresponds to a ship of greater lengths, both for its breadth and its height.

Without a doubt, it is a very practical boat to charter thanks to its easy handling and low consumption. This latter is one of the requirements most appreciated by customers interested in this type of motor boats.

aBoatTime enables you to start your yacht charter vacation with the Bavaria Sport 34 from the outstanding ports of Barcelona and Mallorca. It is big enough for eight persons to join in the unforgettable sailing trip!

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