A great yacht for a great sailor…If you agree with this phrase, why don’t you consider Bavaria 38 from the famous boat manufacturer as an option for an unforgettable sailing vacation. Why should you choose this particular this model? Go through this post to understand why. Let’s get closer to one of the best classical cruising yachts.

Its construction and the fitted equipment on-board make it a leader in its section of the market. The stylish interior, separate cozy cabins and comfort make Bavaria 38 suitable to enjoy a sailing trip with family or friends. Bring them with you to share the endless fun and excitement!

This yacht stands out with its maneuverability, proved stability and ease of operation. The weather conditions won’t affect your sailing route because you always will be able to navigate safely. An important thing we feel! Bavaria…Let’s think about the German engineering excellence and preciseness. Best practices implementation is a concept applied to Bavaria which became one of the biggest yacht builders in Europe. So, high quality standards are met on a regular basis.

Creativity and state-of-the-art are the key concepts that were transmitted through Bavaria 38. This boat is an ideal option for a family yacht charter in Europe. Bavaria 38 continues the cruising line being slightly superior than the previous boat models. Mainly, it’s about the boat’s basic dimensions that include the length, width and weight. All the engineering features were considered during the development process to bring more comfort and elegance.

Undoubtedly, Bavaria 38 is not a standard sailing boat. While some older models are quite long and at the same time don’t have enough space inside,  Bavaria 38 is a good example of the wise planning and construction. The interior part is very spacious and its cockpit also provides plenty of space. So, your children will definitely find a place to play, meanwhile you can stay relaxed and peaceful. Or perhaps you want to throw a party on-board and enjoy time well-spent with your friends? Bavaria 38 will give you this opportunity! The same model, but several options. Everything depends on your needs, wants and preferences!

The boat will adapt!

Interior space bavaria 38 yacht

Interior space bavaria 38 yacht

Following up our description, let’s mention its simple lines that add more volume to the whole construction. It seems like you were at home! Forget about the fear of the confined space!

Easy maneuverability will fulfill your sailing trip with the pleasure of smooth navigation.

A comfortable cockpit made of teak creates a nice relaxing environment. There you’ll find sophisticated furniture and modern maritime technologies.

Its design alongside with functionality are two concepts that can be easily tracked in Bavaria 38. It sounds like a paradox, but Bavaria was able to conserve a classic, traditional style and add something more that cannot be expressed by words. Bavaria 38 is like a mix of the classic and modern ages of boating; of tradition and avant garde.

The bow part was enhanced with additional protection that adds even more safety. The hull of the boat was made from the fiberglass using a sandwich construction method. Some elements are made of iron – one of the most suitable materials for boat manufacturing. There are 2 keel modifications that depend on the size. The light system should be also mentioned. It creates coziness, brightness and comfort.

Technical characteristics

  • Total length 38’ 6”
  • Hull length 37’ 7”
  • Waterline length 32’ 6“
  • Displacement 15,840 lbs
  • Ballast 4,620 lbs
  • Sail area 745 sq. ft.
  • Beam 12’ 10“
  • Draft 5’ 3“
  • Draft (deep) 6’ 5“
  • Water capacity 95 gallons
  • Fuel capacity 40 gallons
  • Engine Volvo, 40 hp
  • SA/D 17.8
  • D/L 215
  • L/B 2.94

Nothing more can be said…Bavaria 38 with its sober and discreet exterior lines has something special in appearance. Every detail has a special purpose and meaning that you will discover if you decide to rent a Bavaria 38 with aBoatTime. This comfortable and complete boat is waiting for you!