A renovating spirit has descended on the port of Barcelona. One of the most strategic maritime centres for tourism and commercial transport in Spain is trying to become the benchmark for nautical areas in the Mediterranean. With a new train route and improved motorway access, the port shall improve  its connections with the rest of the country.

This innovative project started several months ago with the adaptation of the ministerial plan to connect the port with other important transport services by train. The southern expansion phase, which is being carried out currently within phase C1 of the program, has a projected completion date of 11 months time. This would put it as completed by next summer: finished and ready to offer the best service.

Barcelona, Capital of Tourism

For tourism, Barcelona is also considered as one of the best destinations for accessing by sea for the more than 7 million tourists that visit the catalan city annually. The spectacular beaches that give access to the mediterranean give the opportunity to relax and sunbath just a few seconds from the city whilst also having the chance to enjoy water sports such as SCUBA diving or water skiing.

The mix of trends, architecture styles and monuments such as the Sagrada Familia have made this city cosmopolitan and up there as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean

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