Groupe Financière Duval, the company responsible for the project, intends to generate more than 4.500 moorings in the next five years in France as well as in other countries from the European Union.

Nowadays, moorings in french ports are noteable by their absence. Their waiting list often has over 600 boats, says Marc Lamy, the director of Phar’O’s society, who underlines the urgent need for space in harbours. According to the French Federation of Marinas, today there is the need for 50.000 spaces in harbours.

The same Federation records 20.000 new boats of less than nine metres registering themselves each year, and there being only 1.000 spaces. Here is where the Phar’O concept becomes interesting. The idea is to create additional dockings on several levels, at different heights (something which is already working on the french coast at Marseillan).

This way we would have, as is already in place some some automated carparks, a series of floors that gathers boats on a reduced footprint. This would respond to the current mooring problem. Lamy speaks of a capacity of hosting 300 motorboats of between 4,5 and 9 metres in length.

The client arrives at the port, identifies himself with his I.D. card and, in less than 5 minutes, his boat will either be launched onto the water or be docked after a full day of sailing.

According to the Groupe Financière Duval, the rential cost of these particular moorings is similar to that one of the traditional berth for these sorts of lengths.