The world of the superyachts can be described as exorbitant in many aspects: we have seen kitschy names, avant-garde designs, excessive prices, extravagant owners, but it something very impressive to see a yacht in unexpected colours sailing blue waters.

Here is a selection of yachts in which designs the plain white, black or navy is banished forever.


35.3 meters long three-deck yacht Guilty is considered the most “abstract” yacht in the market. Its designer Ivana Porfiry, describes the interior as a collection of “white boxes” characterized by using white colour for the wall and ceiling paintings, combined with colourful furniture and artworks from well known artists.

If the interior is striking, the Guilty’s exterior camouflage design by Jeff Koons completes the image, making it a true floating work of art.

The extravagant yacht Guilty


The Zero Zero Seven is another floating “jewel” that decorates our seas. It is the first of the ten Baglietto 555 models. Its chameleonic colour doesn’t leave indifferent anyone who has the opportunity to see this yacht changing the color depending on the influence of the sun. The interior is decorated with materials like onyx, wood and fabrics from Paul Luchetta.

The spectacular superyacht 007


The initials in the name of the yacht are none other than the ones of the famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. This 41 meter Baglietto was designed specially for Cavalli by Tommaso Spadolini. The RC’s interior is from the Studio Gagliardi. Its colours range from purple, blue or red depending on the time of the day. No doubt, the RC fits its owner perfectly.

The superyacht of Roberto Cavalli


This superyacht, which demonstrates the personality of its owner, was built by the shipyard Zepter in 2011. The yacht’s exciting and refreshing design by the Standby Studio under the visionary naval architect Marijana Radovic reflects its owners personal and unique style that he was looking for, but wasn’t able to find in any existing superyacht.

The superyacht JoyMe


Aurelia, a Hessen of 37 meters, gets noticed wherever it goes. When building it, the designers inspired from the sports cars (more specifically  by the Ford GT 40) as well as the Dunhill cigarettes, which is definitely a curious combination for a superyacht of this kind.


This yacht was delivered to its Indian owner for enjoying the Mediterranean summer sailing season by the shipbuilder Oceanco. It was designed by Bjorn Johansson with an interior by Terence Disdale. All outer covers were made to remind water features that blend perfectly with the ideally curved superstructure, and its turquoise colour surprises anyone who comes near. During summer time, Sunrays can be found in the most beautiful coves of Ibiza.

Superyacht Sunrays