The Balearic Islands will charge for anchoring in protected areas

The counselor of environment of the Balearic Islands government, Biel Company, has presented the new Regulatory Plan of Moorings in the SCI (Sites of Community Importance) areas at the end of the last month. The plan states that boats anchoring in these areas have to pay a daily rate of between 10 and 20 euro, depending on the length of the boat.

Balearic beaches

The counselor announced that a 10 euro charge will be applied for vessels of length up to 8 meters and a 20 euro charge – for vessels of length between 8 and 15 meters. The buoys must be reserved in advance through the website and users, at most, can reserve only one buoy per boat for two consecutive nights every six calendar days.

The aim of the plan, as the counselor has stated, is “the dissemination of importance of Posidonia oceanica (commonly known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed) meadows as well as their preservation.” The Balearic Islands government expects to gain between 150,000 and 300,000 euro for this measure and it is assumed that the new regulation will affect about 15,000 boats anchoring in SCI areas this summer. As said by Company, the time of crisis has forced to take such decision. Besides that, people who want to enjoy these areas, also have to help to maintain their value for the future.

The Regulatory Plan also prescribes the installation of 284 ecologic buoys spread over eight Balearic Islands areas of high environmental value, like, Ses Salines in Ibiza or es Calo de S’Oli in Formentera.

The new regulation will apply from 1 June to 30 September and the government of The Balearic Islands has implemented a system of monitoring to ensure the compliance of the new rules. It will be provided by eight boats: 3 in Mallorca, 2 in Minorca and Formentera and 1 more in Ibiza.

The Government will publish 20,000 leaflets in five different languages with information on the location of regulated anchorage areas and the reservation of the ecologic buoys. They will also provide tips for responsible sailing in the area.

Moreover, there will be also a mobile application developed providing consultations if it is allowed or not to anchor a boat in certain areas.