Alicante has been confirmed as the starting point for the next Volvo Ocean Race, and is the first city to be confirmed, out of the 11 potential participating cities where teams will stopover during the 9 month long race.

The decision to include Alicante in the prestigious event was no surprise, as this will be the fourth time since 2008, when the Volvo Ocean Race’s committee designated it as the opening port. The port’s excellent infrastructure, its exciting activities and strategic position in the western Mediterranean are some of the main reasons for this.

Puerto de Alicante

Guenter Wieschendahl – CC

In addition, the close relationship between the Spanish city and the race committee is undeniable, thanks to the ever growing influx of tourists wanting to see the world’s premier sailing race. Over 100,000 visitors have attended this year to enjoy the nautical activities and all the excitement of the official race’s start, now just a few days away.

On the first day of opening of the Race Village, the Volvo Ocean Race’s museum in Alicante, offering nautical activities and concerts, attracted more than 4000 visitors. Here there is something for everyone, from water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling and water-skiing to conferences and talks about the nautical world, and there will also be concerts and shows on offer.

Each year, yacht charter in Alicante is more and more popular at this time of year, for watching the launch of the Volvo Ocean Race in person. Besides the launch, spectators who have attended this year have been able to enjoy the other challenges of the Volvo Ocean Race that take place before the launch, such as the in-port regatta, which was held on the 4th of October, just metres from the coast. This competition was the race’s first official event, and thus marked by much excitement from both competitors and spectators.

Volvo Ocean Race en Alicante

Zoi Koraki – Flickr CC

There is no better way to enjoy this year’s most exciting week in the nautical world, than from your own chartered yacht, with all your home comforts. It is also one of the practical ways to stay in Alicante, as the city attracts thousands of visitors each day, making finding accommodation difficult. According to data published by Alicante’s Provincial Association of Hotels, hotel occupancy this past weekend reached 90%.

Volvo Ocean Race 2017

Whilst locals of Alicante and the fortunate few who attend the race are enjoying the event, the Volvo Ocean Race’s committee is preparing for the 2017 edition of the race, although at the moment only Alicante has been confirmed as one of the participating cities. This year’s VOR marked a change in the race, with the inclusion of an all-female team in the race, for the first time in 13 years. In addition, to ensure equality across the board in the race, the four main European boat builders have joined forces to design and construct a one-design sailboat for each team.

Boat of Volvo Ocean Race

Bengt Nyman Flickr-cc

This year’s event has marked many changes in the race, in the interest of encouraging equality among competitors, and we’re eager to find out whether there will be any changes to the next edition of the race. Alicante’s port will also have implemented many services such as restaurants, bars and shops dedicated to spectators and yacht charter tourists, by the time the 2017 event comes around, in an effort to attract even more visitors.
Alicante’s port has undergone various improvement works and renovation over the years, especially since the 90s, in a bid to open the port up to more international trade, cruise tourism, and pleasure craft. Amongst these improvements, the extension of the railway which now connects the port with the city centre and the improved road infrastructure connecting the port with the city’s airport have made Alicante an ideal destination for yacht charter.