Buildings can be compared to the fingers of a hand. All very different but essentially similar. They are the cities’ alma mater. Depending on the personality of the buildings each city shelters, they will be recognized as more or less beautiful.

Therefore, in aBoatTime we wish to make tribute to our favorite structures, a type of building different than home, that perfectly matches our philosophy.

In every corner of the planet we have found buildings displaying our favorite theme, boats. And we couldn’t resist to show you such magnificent works.

In Belgium, Senegal, California, Florida, Albany, Phillipines, China, Brasil, France or Ireland, to cite some examples, we have found these types of structures that we want to share with out aBoatTimers.

Klimahaus Bremerhave, ship building

Klimahaus Bremerhave, Germany.

Safety First Ship Haus, Philippines. Boat Building

Safety First Ship House in Philippines

The house of Five Continents, Belgium

The house of Five Continents, Belgium

Restaurant with the form of a ship in China

Restaurant in China

Human imagination is amazing, it’s capable ot innovating beyond stratospheric limits. Let it be Africa, Europe, America or Asia, people’s tastes and spotlights weave what we love best, boats. Absolutely everything that may have the least to do with the nautical world will be recieved with open arms, and these impressive works of construction are not an exception.

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