“The pearl of the Adriatic”, Dubrovnik, has been the chosen destination to become the scenario for the Game of Throne’s Second Season. The city, transformed into King’s Landing, awoke the curiosity of the admirers of Game of Throne’s, who came from multiple corners of the world to contemplate such magnificent backgrounds and become witnesses of the shooting of this successful series. The film team took over, literally, the entire city and lots of establishments found it necessary to close, contributing to ease the process of the film making. For the second time, after choosing the Irish forests to give life to the first season, the idea of Dubrovnik to be the one to represent King’s Landing, has been once more an authentic success.

aBoatTime transports you to the filming locations that broughth King’s Landing to life. Strangely similar to this fictional city, Dubrovnik holds in its soul a dark story of fierce and restless battleThe historic walls of Dubrovniks. Such was the hunger of freedom of its citizens, that they were forced to build up the walls, fortresses and bastions that have remained till this day for the amazement of tourism.

On the appraised series, the Fort of St Lorenzo can be appreciated as representing the Red Keep, which was introduced to the public with the celebration of a tournament dedicated entirely to king Joffrey. Nevertheless, in reality, this so treasured enclave is a “must”, to visit and be able to admire the sun rays as they penetrate directly through the sky, reflected on the sea that bathes the city’s coast.

As we climb down the fortress, we discover the wharf that was the scenery of the sequence where Myrcella embarks on a galley for her journey towards Sunspear, to marry prince Trystane Martell. As we can see, Dubrovnik is the ideal destination both for the admirers of this series, as for any lover of tourism and navigation to its greatest exponent.

After the series’ success, its filmmaking destinations have seen an increment in tourism, and Dubrovnik is not an exception. Therefore, aBoatTime takes you to the city’s most amazing backgrounds. Embark on a Medieval journey and delight on one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, hand in hand with aBoatTime. Enjoy the sailing routes that we have prepared expressly for this experience or trace your own course if you want.

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