Yacht charter is now more accessible to the masses than ever with lower prices and much more variety however in the world of the super rich the boundaries are constantly being pushed. Let’s say, hypothetically, that you find yourself with the horrible predicament of not knowing whether to buy a super yacht or a private island and it’s really getting you down: well there may be a few solutions in the pipeline!


Ever wondered what would happen if you take the classiest Monaco yacht builders and a Paris fashion powerhouse and get them to design a boat? Well here is your answer: the WHY from WALLY and Hermés. The most boat-like of the selection we bring you today, this breathtaking vessel is 58 metres in length making it not overly long in todays mega yacht market however at 38 metres wide it is certainly the widest. The idea for this boat was born out of the need for space, light and stability to create the ultimate feeling of being on land at sea. If it wasn’t for the vast windows and expansive deck space you would be forgiven for thinking you were on a private island.

The yacht’s deck wraps around the entirety of the boat on the upper level as well as having a lower, 35 metre wide deck providing easy access to the water. On top of this, the sheer size of this yacht means that even in relatively rough seas, the back of the boat will see flat, calm waters: perfect for swimming and playing in for all 20 crew, just as you would have on a private island.

WHY from WALLY and Hermés

WHY from WALLY and Hermés

WHY isn’t only leading the way in luxury within the superyacht market but with sustainability and efficiency too. The majority of the boat’s upper surfaces are coated in solar panels that provide power the the yacht’s diesel-electric motors. This means that this WALLY yacht has a whopping range of 12,000 nautical miles at its cruising speed of 12 knots.

Great mystery has surrounded this yacht since its announcement at the Abu Dhabi boat show and various specifications are still unknown however the price of this unique vessel is expected to be somewhere in the region of $160 million.

Yacht Island Design

Certainly the most daring of the floating island designs proposed in the yacht market come from a company called Yacht Island Design. Their dream is to create a 100% island feel on board with no compromises: by replicating designs and environments to lure a passenger into feeling like they are on land. All of their designs are so far just proposals however this doesn’t make us any less excited.

“The Streets of Monaco” is a vision that would put a real working replica of the sovereign state onboard a fully functioning yacht including: Casinos, the Prince’s palace, Port Hercule and of course: the world famous Grand Prix circuit. All this is to be installed on a 155 metre hull and is said could travel at 15 knots.

If the french Riviera isn’t really your style then perhaps the “Tropical Island Paradise” would be more to your liking. This proposal would transform you to another world, with designs appearing to be based on a hawaiian landscape, with a large volcano shaped waterfall and tiki beach huts for all of your guests. This may all seem a tacky touch to many however when money is no object why not explore all the possibilities? It is called a floating island after all!

However, don’t let their current designs restrict you. Yacht Island Designs challenge you to use their innovative hull design as a blank canvas to bring your wildest fantasies to life. Provided you have the money of course!

For those of us who are mere mortals yet still want to enjoy your own slice of luxury: don’t hesitate to head over to the aBoatTime page and check out our wide variety of offers available.