Garmin and Bavaria, two leading companies in each of their industries, have joined to create a new docking system, for the moment available only in the Bavaria Vision 46.

Garmin, the world leader in satellite navigation, and Bavaria, one of the leading companies in the construction of yachts, have created a new berthing and mooring system that will ensure that, from now on, these maneuvers do not cause any difficulty for sailors.

It is a system consisting of two engines, two actuators and a single joystick that helps to move a boat in any direction in an extremely simple and convenient way to provide the maximum easiness of mooring.

As it has been declared by Salvador Alcocer, current Director of Sales and Marketing of Garmin, “our will is to facilitate the handling of the boat for as many sailors as possible”. He also stated that in a short time this new system will be available for other models from Bavaria.