Hurrica V, the ship that seduced the ambitions of The Great Gatsby, has conquered many a man in the past and present.

Undoubtedly, yachts are a symbol of wealth and power, that represent one of the main human aspirations. Hurrica V is an excellent example among those toys for mature men who wish to assert themselves in life. This boat has no equals in its class, moreover, it has earned consideration as one of the most perfect yachts in the world. Its main attributes include a profound origin, breathtaking appearance, usability  and a sophisticated finish.

This wonderful boat of 72-feet amazes with its classical and stylish elegance. It was designed by the English ecclesiastical architect Charles E. Nicholson and built by W.M. Ford in 1924. Concerning its sailing characteristics, Hurrica V displays long overhangs and a graceful sheer. This boat has a long story; for instance, the complicated moments it had to face during the Second World War when it served as a mean of resistance against the enemy even though it had been deprived of a part of the masts. After the war, the yacht was purchased by an individual  and became private property. To make it easier to sail, it was refined by having many modern systems put in the place at the time. From that moment the sailboat became a delight for its special convenience and comfort. Short after, the yacht was added to the Australian Register of Historic Vessels that granted worldwide recognition of the high class.

Thus, it’s not surprising that precisely this yacht was chosen to become a star of the film “The Great Gatsby”. The sailboat was totally repaired and everything was set, in order to let it play a significant role in the deployment of the story. So tells the plot, this luxurious yacht had influenced the main character (Leonardo DiCaprio) and inspired him to take the most important decision of his life. Well, people tend to change their life according to the environment that is around. That would explain a simple pleb who decided to start a new life despite all the difficulties. For Gatsby, the yacht was a materialistic symbol of his dream, that embodied all his priorities and goals. His motivation was being driven by these instincts, and the exquisite sailboat urging him to act.

Today this mysterious boat is absolutely ready to be used and waiting to conquer a new owner.  For those interested, it is located on the quay of Australia and the estimated cost is around $3’299,390. So, let’s wait to find out who will become a new “Great Gatsby”. Would you dare to step back in time?