Travelling by yacht is an amazing experience, allowing you to travel the world’s seas, discover beautiful locations only reachable by boat, and having the convenience of having your own luxury home with you on your journey. But as with every trip, with each yachting experience comes a lesson to be learned. As sailing experts here at aBoatTime, we’ve done the hard work you, and bring you  8 essential pieces of advice to allow you to fully enjoy your first sailing trip.

1. At night turn off the fridge/freezer and open the freezer

At night it’s important to turn off any appliances that you’re not using, especially if you’ve dropped anchor in a beautiful cove on an idyllic islet and don’t have access to a power source. This should allow you enough power for appliances and light the next day and will also stop the noise the fridge makes at night.

2. Don’t take your whole wardrobe

On a standard yacht, space is limited, especially if you’re sharing a hired boat with other people who also want to bring luggage. Keep in mind that you’ll be more comfortable if you have some free space on your yacht that isn’t filled with stuff and will be able to enjoy your spacious yacht charter.

catamaran lagoon 450 interior

3. If you’re prone to getting seasick, sleep on the stern side of your boat

It’s the part of the boat which experiences the least movement, and will let you have a better night’s sleep. If you don’t get seasick on your yachting trip, you can choose the bow cabin, which due to its location, is the largest and has the highest ceilings.

catamaran Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57

4. Walk barefoot

In addition to making you feel at home, walking barefoot is the most comfortable way to be on a yacht, without the danger of dirtying or damaging the flooring. Although this is the best option, you can also wear white or clear rubber boots which don’t leave marks on the floor.

Recently spacious rubber shoes have come into fashion. In our experience, it is much better to barefoot however.

5. Take a mat with you for sunbathing on the bow

Relax on your yacht in the highest comfort, and forget the world around you. Although most yachts have a sun deck, your vessel may not have one or it may not be very spacious, therefore a mat can come in very useful. When the sun becomes too much, put on a sarong and you’ll truly be in paradise.

hombre durmiendo en la proa

An even better alternative is buying a hammock and hanging it between the sail and the mast, if you’re on a sailboat. The calm sea breeze and soft lapping of the waves will gently put you to sleep. Don’t forget to only do this when the boat is moored or anchored.

6. Take a waterproof bag

On a sailboat you never know when you’re going to go swimming. If you’re going on the boat’s dinghy or if you get splashed by water, damaging your personal possessions is always a risk. Remember you’re always close to the sea on a yacht charter!

7. Take board games with you

Cluedo, Monopoly or Ludo are all ideal for having fun with your friends on a rainy day where you have to drop anchor in a cove for a few hours.

Lueve en un catamaran

8. Cook quick and easy to cook dishes

Don’t make your holiday a chore; prepare dishes that are quick and easy to cook. For example if you’re sailing around Greece, don’t worry about cooking complex dishes, as you’ll be working in a small space and will later have to spend time cleaning. Instead, we recommend cooking once you’ve dropped anchor, and preparing easy dishes such as salad, pasta or rice. Each city’s port offer the best local restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite fresh seafood. Continuing with the example of Greece, here is a post dedicated to its excellent cuisine.

A yacht charter is a different holiday experience, why not try it and add some of your own recommendations to our list.