More and more people are deciding to rent a motorboat and make the most of the many opportunities that the sea provides. However, the decision to choose a sailing holiday is not an easy one to make, especially for the less experienced. So, to clear any doubts, here’s 5 reasons you should rent a motorboat this summer.

  1. Unique Navigation and guaranteed fun

If you have a need for speed and want to feel the waves crash over the bow of your ship, then a motorboat is the best option compared with a catamaran or sailboat. Equipped with the latest nautical technology and powerful engines, the motorboats today promise a thrill, adrenaline rushes, but at the same time, security and guaranteed safety.


  1. Accesibility

Motorboats are like driving a small city car, accessibility is significantly easier for recreational travel. Motorboats are typically smaller than sailboats and catamarans, which allows for the fantastic opportunity to access hidden coves and elusive beaches on more secluded areas of coastline, as well as accessing ports and marinas more easily. When you rent a motorboat, you will regret it if you don’t sail to the remotest places on the coast.

  1. Comfort and glamour

Although motorboats have optimised their hydrodynamic specifications, they have also made remarkable progress in terms of improving comfort and homliness on board ships: lighting, ventilation, ergonomics and an almost unlimited catalog of services have managed to turn boats into homes, as happened previously with sailboats and catamarans. Moreover, all these interior designs are created by renowned designers and artists, thus ensuring a sense of high quality and glamour on board your ship.


  1. Price

In general, boats are usually more affordable than sailboats and catamarans in terms of price. That’s why boat rental is becoming more popular and it is becoming more of an option for everybody rather than just the very wealthy.

  1. License

Finally, if the 4 reasons above aren’t good enough reasons to take a boat on holiday, we have an ace up our sleeve. For sailboats and catamarans, a license is required to sail them, however, in the case of the smaller boats, you may find some models which do not require the driver to have a license. This is ideal for holiday makers looking to rent a boat for a day or an afternoon perhaps.

It does however, depend where you choose to go on your sailing holiday. In Spain, for example, you do not need a license to sail boats that have a length of 4 metres or less or with a maximum power of 13hp (10kW).

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