Slovenia may not always be the first country you think of when you’re planning your holiday. But it has a lot to offer, a yacht charter in Slovenia can turn into a dream-like holiday, which is why we would like to mention five of the most important reasons why you should rent a boat there and explore Slovenia for your next getaway.

1. Privacy

Slovenia’s coast is still a stunning sailing paradise that isn’t overrun by tourists. Although it is in central Europe and easy to get to, there aren’t so many tourists to be found. You can experience the most beautiful landscapes and beaches and take pictures without too many strangers in the background. For a yacht charter, there are many bays and beaches that are undiscovered by tourists and there is always a free place for you at one of the many ports. You can go swimming in paradise undisturbed without having to argue about the last deck chair or find the last table in the restaurants. A yacht charter holiday in Slovenia is pure relaxation.

2. Natural landscape

For people that want to experience some beautiful natural sights, a yacht charter in Slovenia is perfect for you.  You will love the walking paths, mountains and biodiversity in Slovenia. In total, there are about 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails and 60% of the country is covered in forest. With your boat you can sail from one natural park to the next while enjoying the breathtaking view from the sea. During a walk to one of the many lakes and rivers or a dive in the sea, you could even see some endangered animal species. For green tourism, Slovenia is perfectly suited with its ecological farms and nature reserves, which make up a third of the country’s land area. With a yacht charter in Slovenia you can also reach untouched and secluded areas, which are only accessible by boat.

Beautiful monastery on the island in the middle of the Bled lake in Slovenia

3. Hospitality

The hospitality of the Slovenians really is something special. You will feel welcome, whether you speak Slovenian or not. English is commonly spoken all over the coast. If necessary, hands and feet are used to communicate, but you can trust in their willingness to help. This hospitality ensures that you will feel comfortable in Slovenia, whether at the port or in the city. The inhabitants will surely give you some insider tips on sailing routes and unique beaches that you can relax on.

4. Slovenian Food

Slovenian cuisine is excellent and all their dishes are made from local ingredients. There is not just one typical dish, but more than 100! As the country consists of four parts: the Alpine region, the Pannonian lowlands, the Adriatic area and the Karstic plains, there are completely different specialties, made from unique ingredients and fresh fish, in all four parts. Slovenian wine fits perfectly into all these dishes. This is cultivated, for example, in Maribor on the world’s oldest grapevine. With your yacht, you can easily travel from town to town and choose the best local delicacies or try to prepare them in your own kitchen on board your yacht with fresh ingredients from one of the many markets.

5. Sailing pleasure

Slovenia is perfect for sailing! Piran Bay is an ideal starting point to enjoy the beautiful view from the Adriatic to the small enchanting coastal towns during a yacht charter in Slovenia. Enjoy and relax on deck. The sailing season lasts from May to October. You can moor in many different Marinas, all of which are extremely modern equipped with technical services and fuel. From Slovenia you can sail in two other countries: Croatia and Italy! That way you can make the best of your holiday and enjoy the most beautiful places. aBoatTime will help you choose the right boat for a yacht charter in Slovenia, be it a sailboat, catamaran, motorboat or gulet!

Adriatic Sea near Piran in Slovenia

There are far more than those 5 reasons to visit Slovenia, why don’t you find out for yourself?