Close to 900 competitors will participate in the 43rd SAR Princesa Sofía Mapfre trophy, which take place during semana santa.

The regatta, that has been running for 42 years, will be fought out over a week in the waters of Palma Bay.This year the Princess Soa Mapfre trophy has two differences: firstly, the opening of a village in an exclusive nearby area: Pabisa Beach, on Palma beach, which will serve as a meeting point for participants as well as whoever wants to follow the regattas, and secondly, the increase in number of regattas to be held each day which will be used as official training.

To pastures new for Sofía Mapfre

Until now, this circuit had been formed by 5 european events, 1 american and 1 australian. However, as a result of the intended globalization, the International Sailing Federation has opted to expand it to Africa and Asia and at the same time, reduce it in Europe (there will now only be 2 events held there).

The change in the circuit has been thought up for the coming seasons of 2013 and 2014, and the favourites for Europe are the French Olympic Week and the Sofía Mapfre for the new ISAF Sailing World Cup.