Some yachts are made for sailing and others are clearly made to make you dream, and for your imagination to soar. We present to you 3 of the most intriguing boats in the world: a yacht made of Lego, the Wally superyacht and the famous whaler from Moby Dick.

The Lego Superyacht

One of the new propositions from nautical designer Lujac Desautel, is the incredible superyacht glass yacht based on the construction of Lego blocks. A modern and innovative alternative to other luxury superyachts and is planned to be 60 m in length and with a completely unique design due to the versatility of the building block system from famous toy brand Lego.

Versatile and luxurious are two perfect adjectives to describe the Lego superyacht, which will have a surface area of 5,600 metres squared, spread throughout its many rooms. The design from Desautel has been praised highly in “Boat International Design of the Year” although the glass design remains outside the capabilities of the nautical construction world.


118 WallyPower

Described on various occasions as the perfect yacht, the Wally is 10 years old despite looking like a boat from the future. The 118 WallyPower has a top speed of 63 knots and measures 36 metres in length. Created by Luca Bassani and moored in the luxurious Saint Tropez on the Cote d’Azur, this Wally yacht has been imitated on many occasions but without the same level of success in design nor technology. The 118 WallyPower also became something of a cult classic when it appeared in the 2005 Ewan McGregor film “The Island”, a film set deep in the future and for those of you who have seen it will agree that the 118 WallyPower looks right at home.

Its complex exterior lines, perfect proportions, speed, power and interior design make Wally 118 the perfect boat. The colour of the boat changes depending on the reflection of the light, its prow is pointed and a glass box for a cabin. The glass and carbon fibre structure were two characteristic elements during construction in 2003. As for its interior, it is based around a minimal japanese design with pools of light in all parts of the boat with space to accommodate 12 people.

How much does it cost to fill up a yacht such as this? With a top speed of over 60 knots and three gas turbines that create 17,000 horsepower in total, filling the Wally 118’s fuel tank costs some 30,000 euros. Taking into account that the fuel tank holds 22,000 litres and a fresh water tank of 1,200 litres, it doesn’t work out too expensive to sail this boat, even if it is a millionaire’s toy.


The Wailer from Moby Dick

The wailing boat Essex from the 19th century had a length of 27 metres and weighed as much as 238 tonnes. It comes as no surprise that this boat was what inspired Herman Melville for his novel Moby Dick. The Essex was an american boat with a massachusetts origin and its captain was the young George Pollard. The boats incident with a giant whale happened in 1851 and was essential for Melville to write the world’s most famous whale hunting novel. The whaling boat set sail in 1819 for a two year voyage through the Atlantic in search of whales and sperm whales to hunt, a common activity back then that brought potentially huge rewards to the fishermen.

The story relates to a huge attack on the Essex by a sperm whale, which after 2000 nautical miles sank on the western coast of South America. The 20 sailors on board looked to save themselves in lifeboats but only some of them managed to make it to the island of Henderson.