Bavaria is delighted to introduce to their Cruiser family their most recent design from the new and renovated range of the Giebelstadt shipyard.

A novel deck and broader interiors are some of the highlights that this model boasts. As Farr Yacht Design (USA) and Design Unlimited (UK) have collaborated in the design of all the Cruiser line, Cruiser 41 was no exception.  Sailors can expect autonomy, opulence and a remarkable nautical execution from this vessel.

As the novel and spacious design intends to cover every detail that could deliver further comfort, the following intelligent arrangements were implemented:

  • The stern holds a spacious cockpit with a symmetrical seating space and a pliable table with an integrated planner for next day’s adventures, hand balusters and cup holders.
  • Below the cockpit there is plenty of space to serve as storage.
  • The fresh deck layout provides an elegant ambiance together with a broader standing space in the front cabin.
  • Under the deck, the enhanced hatchways and the sizeable coach roof windows enable the utmost light to enter the room.
  • Now, the frontward cabin is more spacious and comprises of a bigger bed.
  • The dual steering wheel is meant to offer the skipper better control and an all-inclusive view.
  • The smooth-edged interior is a main distinctive of the Cruiser 41 which reinforces the luxurious, yet modern sense that the interiors bestow.

The regular model starts at €124,900 plus VAT.

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Bavaria 31 sailboat interior